Architect Eduard Hnilička (1887 – 1967)


arch E HnilickaIn 2017 we celebrate 130 years from the year, when Czech architect Eduard Hnilička was born.

He is best known especially for designing the YMCA Palace in Prague. The challenging architectural ensemble of the YMCA palace in an urbanistically exposed location represents a valuable piece of the 20s modern classicism and one of the architect Eduard Hnilička's masterpieces. The building, during the construction of which new materials were used, such as reinforced concrete, asphalt, glass fiber reinforced concrete and cork, was built as an accommodation facility. The opening ceremonial took place on the 28th April 1928.

plan pal YMCA Hnilicka_YMCA_kavArna_1932 Hnilicka_YMCA_telocvicna_1932