Companies located in our building

SPORTUJ s.r.o. company offers to its clients a combination of modern fitness and wellness zone for active rest and relaxation in a renewed YMCA Sports centre. More information is to be found at 

Gastro Int. Corporation s.r.o. runs a restaurant and dance hall La Republica, that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. The offer is to be found at 


In YMCA Palace pasage you can enjoy pleasant café of Coffee Roaster Voznice


EUC Premium company is a private medical facility, where you will find wide range of medical fields all under one roof. More details are available at


You can choose to learn from 41 foreign languages at the Language School Lingua Sandy, including the Czech Language for foreigners.


INTERLINGUA SERVIS – PhDr. Miloš Soukup is a translation agency, which provides translations and interpretations in world and other languages (including translations by sworn translators). More information at


GATO Consulting company offers its services in the field of economic and HR consultancy. You will  find more information at


Ontran Technologies s.r.o. is an investment and technological company. It focuses on providing IT experts, specializes in custom software development, system integration and Business Intelligence. You will find more information about the company at


APRA (Association of Public Relations Agencies) is a voluntary association of PR agencies operating in the Czech Republic. It originated as a professional association, whose primary mission is to present the PR field mostly to professional and client public, to universally cultivate the agencies’ activities, assert the so-called best practice, create space for wide professional discussion and build up the field’s good reputation. For more information visit:


Law and patent office STUDENÁ-LABALESTRA & BOKOTEJ, specialized in the area of patents, trademarks, designs and models, copyright and know-how protection.


SANTEA advisory centre – psychotherapy, personality development – offers its services in cases of personal, working, psychological or emotional problems – individual and group therapy, family, couples therapy, self-knowledge seminars. More information is to be found at


At HemoClinic, s.r.o. we focus on outpatient treatment of hemorrhoids and other rectum diseases. For more information visit


QPROF Company Ltd. provides an exclusive and expert private financial services and financial advice. For more information and references related to our clients, visit our


MUDr Alena Večeřová Procházková, Counseling Center for Psychiatry and Psychosomatics. Psychotherapy. Supervision.


The company HANAH Finance Ltd. offers its clients a free passage through the labyrinth of mortgages, loans, business loans, etc .. More information and contacts can be found on our website 

TIMING Prague. With our help you learn how to work more effectively with the risks, how to better lead people and teams, how to plan and optimize the options, how to better communicate, write and make presentations, use English at higher level, better to understand your diary, make your internal guidelines more transparent, creatively form and target your advertising. For more information see:

Mgr. Jarmila Šimáková. Clinical speech therapy - to diagnose and correct communication disorders in children from 3 years and adults, A4M therapy is a unique way for you to relax and change your state of mind, it is suitable for anyone who would like to change their life for the better.

KC Architecture, the architectural firm that specializes in building contructions designs, urban planning, interior design, furniture and product design. More information can be found at 

Attorney at law 

The company Ing. Ivana Stolarská - Executive Search - personal and career counseling 

YMCA Europe is an International Non-Governmental Organisation, registered under Czech Republic Law with the seat in Prague. It was funded in 1973 as the area alliance uniting all the National YMCAs in Europe as member or cooperating Movements. Currently under the YMCA Europe constituency are 34 member and 8 co-operating National YMCA Movements, operating in 40 European countries through almost 4 thousand local associations providing services to around 1.8 million beneficiaries annually. See more at


Podologistic and aesthetic center PODOest - complete foot and body care. Straightening ingrown nails using braces, foot examination with "Podoskop" and making individual insoles for shoes. Instrument medical pedicure, Thai foot massage, lymphatic massage, manicure and more.

HESTIA - our mission is to spread the idea of volunteering and make it accessible to everyone. Through volunteering we offer help to those who need it. More about volunteerism and offers for volunteers can be found on, At the YMCA palace you can find available consultations and trainings in personal development, relationship issues and other life troubles. More here


SymbiArt Company Ltd. combines business with art. It offers you a creative communication channels to promote your products or services, non-traditional forms of presentation and entertainment marketing. For inspiration for your project, visit


Civic association Vlastní cestou provides people with disabilities services and personal assistance by helping them with engaging in everyday life since 2002. For more information about our activities 

Národní síť Zdravých měst ČR is an association of active local governments with international auspices of the World Health Organisation. It brings together more than a hundred members who are programmatically committed to the principles of sustainable development, involve the public in decision-making processes and promote a healthy lifestyle of its inhabitants. more on

Archa Chantal Foundation is established for the purpose of improving the environment in children's hospitals and medical institutions in the form of repairs and reconstruction of these objects. In order to achieve the fastest possible treatment outcome and to improve the mental state of young patients, which affects their successful rehabilitation. Improving the quality of the relationship child - doctor - parents. 


The company JJS Consulting Ltd. is engaged in consulting in banking, organizing seminars, lecturing and coaching and offers legal services in real estate, more on the website


Chytilová & spol., patentová kancelář, s.r.o. is a company providing comprehensive services in the field of logos, company names, protection of innovation and technology. Resolves disputes on intellectual property, copying and imitation products and brands, unfair competition disputes.


The company topAdvisors Group, Ltd. is engaged in asset management, economic and financial consulting..


Sdružení obrany spotřebitelů - The Association is a nonprofit organization providing free advice on consumer relations within a personal, telephone and e-mail counseling. For more information, visit


JK limousine service Ltd. offers rental of luxury cars with driver

It is also a distributor and reseller of organic argan oil and its products


Lucie Úblová, M.A. - Psychologist and coach. Psychological counseling, couple therapy and coaching from an expert with the Czech-American education. More information on 


TEXTIL INVEST GROUP a.s. – We are your partner for restructuring, property management and receivables. More information on:


Mgr. Radka Coufalová. Complete beauty services, classical massage and hot stones, more info about services and prices, see


Hana Jobová, Jitka Vaníčková. Homeopathy, Bach therapy, tissue salts.